ICOM Nederland stuurt brief naar ICOM USA

jan 31 2017

Deze brief is verstuurd naar ICOM USA en naar de Nationale Committees van de zeven verbannen landen op 31 januari 2017.

Dear ICOM USA Colleagues,

We are writing to you to convey our deep concerns regarding the recently announced bars to travel to the United States by citizens of seven predominately Muslim countries, as set forth by the Trump Administration.

While our various national governments have to do everything possible to safeguard their citizens, we believe that blanket travel restrictions based on citizenship or religion is ineffective at best and counterproductive at worst. In regard to our fellow ICOM colleagues worldwide, it is imperative that we as an organization speak out in favour of the freedom of peaceful, unhindered travel, so that we can carry out our mission through the exchange of ideas and the sharing of cultural treasures.

If you are similarly concerned about these developments, we stand prepared to join you in any statement you wish to make to appeal for a reversal of these restrictions.

On behalf of our Board,
Yours sincerely,

Luc Eekhout
Chairman ICOM The Netherlands
National Committee